Why I am Developing Solely on a No-Brand Android 5.1 Tablet

Mobile devices have the computational resources for software development, especially in conjunction with on-demand cloud computing. In countries that got into the race later, the desktop and laptop steps where skipped and consu,ers went straight to mobile devices. Unfortunately for developing markets due to lacking UI desktops or laptops are still practically an requirement. Cheap VR-headsets capable of displaying 3d movies are around the corner, whereas they are not capable of high end gaming surely they are capable of simulating a multi-desktop work setup. All that is needed is a capable next-gen input device.

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Engelbart and Asymmetric Bimanual Operations

Whereas typing on a keyboard or playing the Piano, means having equivalent tasks being performed by the left and the right hand, most human actions have vastly different uses for the left and the right hand. For instance when threading a needle the dominant hand performs the fine mechanics and the other fills a fixating function. Taking advantage of the left-right hand divide might lead to improvements in Human-Computer-Interactions.

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